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Amazing site, very inspirational. Many thanks.
Catherine Hagan
I am learning more from God everyday thanks to the Daily "Good News"
John E
Thank you so much for the great job you are doing. you are always remembered.
Gordian I, Baton Rouge
At first I was the egg. Hard and fast. Then I was the carrot. Shaken and fallen. Through the power and love of Christ, I am now the coffee bean. He has taught me so much now that I choose to listen and obey.
Deanna kozacki, corpus christi tx
I am stunned by your awesome ‘good news’ link. I have prayed that GOD would show me his will in my business endeavor, and if it be that I should be successful, please show the way. When I saw your good news, I knew. I thanked Jesus. Thanks
Tim Brummett,
Wow, what a great site! My husband and I were looking for insurance company to call when we fell on this sight. I’m not sure who set this page up, but the daily scripture reading was a very nice touch!
S. Lehrack, Dallas, TX,
I found your site while searching for hospital equipment. I hope to use it in the future. You’re bookmarked! Thank you for spreading the Good News!
I like your ‘Good News’ portion of this web site. I was shocked to see it here, quite frankly, but glad!
Dear director of goodnews. i thank for building site. and your missions to reach the world with the word of God. now want help to distributing bible to individuals , churches, oragizations and schools. kindly admit me to work with to help spread God,s world my country nigeria. i want become your bibles volunteer distribtor over here in my country.
I am excited about this bible. At last every Catholic has a chance of owning a bible. Thank you very much. I would like every family in my parish to own a bible. please what is the word mentioned in the order form?
Felix Elosi, Houston TX
Love this bible makes it easier to underseand thank you.Becky Adams Groves Texas
Becky Adams, Groves
We are in Woodbury , New Jersey and want to thank you for the free bibles that we have received in English and Spanish . Thanks to the generosity now we can distribute them to people that are in need of a bible. Once again Thank You and may God bless you!
Catherine, Woodbury NJ
I am so thankful for the previous 100 bibles that you sent me. All of the confirmation students will receive one; our adult choir and my Franciscan sisters also received one. I would like about 20 in Spanish, if you have some. I have sent the Free Request Form, but I do not know if it went through. Thank you very much for your generosity.
Lourdes Mendoza, Hebbronville, Texas
Thanks be to God😊
Cindy D, CC TX
    God Bless you always!! Can't wait to see you again!!
Thanks for the truth.
Fred, Dallas
I love the Good News <3
Jacqueline R, CC, TX
    Thanks, Jacqueline! I do too!
Thank you for today's reflection <3
J, Corpus Christi
    Thank you and God bless you always1
Wonder-Ful! :D
J Romanczyk, CC,TX
    Thank you! Greatly appreciated! Good, long day.
Thank you for the inspirational writings ! This site is MAKING A DIFFERANCE !!
Patrick G, Corpus Christi,Tx.
    Thank you very much, Patrick!!
I want to thank you for your free Bibles that you sent to our church. I know the benefits have reaped rewards. Just today, two years after having our teens give away Bibles to other teens a teen told me he considered himself an atheist his Junior year after being raised in the faith. A teen approached him and handed him a Bible and invited him to come to our youth group to learn more. He admits a spark was lit and grew into a desire to know more and serve more. He and his parents are eternally grateful for your help. God bless you for your ministry.
Rick Z, Spring Branch
    Rick, May the good and ever-loving Jesus continue to fill your heart with the obvious joy with which we have all ready your comments. Please pray for us as well.
    Rick, May the good and ever-loving Jesus continue to fill your heart with the obvious joy with which we have all read your comments. Please pray for us as well.
What a sweet surprise and a great gift to me: I received 50 new, elegant bibles and completely free on the feastday of St. Jerome. My bible class will be easier for me, because from now on my beloved students will never have an excuse of not having a bible at home to do the Homework readings and journal writing. I am thrill. Thank God and thank you so much. May God continue to multiply His blessings upon you, you loved ones, and your work. Pray for me also. Please.
Mai M, Crosby, TX
    How very Awesome!! Please pray for all of us here at CityOFAgape Charitable Foundation.
Great little story
Johnny, Corpus Christi, TX
    Thank you, Johnny! God is so good.
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